Message from the Chairman
The RAR Group comprises a diversified portfolio of businesses, covering Food, Packaging, Real Estate and Services and is headed by RAR - Sociedade de Controle (Holding), S.A..

Despite operating in a turbulent economic environment and against a background of more or less universal economic and financial crisis to which we are becoming accustomed, the Group has been able to improve its operating performance and reduce its financial debt, which have been the focus of attention for all the RAR Group companies.

The diversified portfolio and our aim to improve the competitive positions of the Group’s businesses, the systematic search for innovative value creation solutions and the support of a strong, resilient and well prepared team, the mainstay of our growth, allow us to face future challenges with confidence.

Although we foresee the future as particularly challenging we believe it will be possible to continue to grow the Group´s main businesses and improve their strength.

Nuno Macedo Silva