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RAR Group ends 2016 with profits of 7.4 million euros
According to the Annual Report & Accounts of RAR Holding, published today, the RAR Group’s turnover in 2016 totalled 831 million euros and EBITDA totalled 57 million euros, an increase of 43.5% on the previous year. Net profit totalled 7.4 million euros.
RAR Group strengthens strategic businesses to improve competitiveness and operating profitability
Reflecting a capital reallocation policy RAR Group decides to sell Imperial
The RAR Group has sold its stake as sole shareholder in Imperial to the investment fund, Vallis Sustainable Investments I. This operation is part of a process of appraisal and reallocation of the Group’s assets.
Improved performance and return to positive results RAR Group’s - EBITDA grew 10% in 2014
The RAR Group’s EBITDA increased by 10% in 2014 to €54 million, according to the Group’s Annual Report and Accounts released today. Turnover totalled €976 million and the Group’s net profit attributable to the parent company was €2.5 million.
Concentration on strategic assets - RAR Group reorganises its holdings in Colep and GeoStar
The RAR Group has carried out an asset reorganisation operation in order to concentrate its investments in the most strategic companies. As an immediate result of this rearrangement, the entire operation of Colep in Brazil has been acquired and the shareholder position held in GeoStar sold.
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