The Company

Acembex was founded in 1970 as a joint venture between Tate & Lyle International (U.K.) and RAR - Refinarias de Açúcar Reunidas, S.A.R.L. The RAR Group acquired 100% of the company at the beginning of the 1980s.

Today Acembex is an international trading company providing logistics services and consultancy maintaining a leading position as one of the largest Portuguese grains and grain derivatives operator, moving about seven hundred fifty thousand tons of raw material for the food and feed industry through the ports of mainland Portugal, Madeira and the Azores.

Operating in the very sensitive food chain area Acembex in partnership with some of its customers and suppliers has implemented a series of control and traceability measures of the raw materials supply chain, in order to ensure strict control of the quality of the end product.

Acembex’s activity has been incorporated within the SMETA framework (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Best Practice Guidance), a good practice manual, which emphasizes and reflects its sustainability policy, being also members of various national and international organizations (e.g.: GAFTA - The Grain and Feed Trade Association). In 2015, Acembex maintained the certification of its quality control system as per ISO 9001:2000, and the migration of the Quality and Food Security System to the HACCP - Codex Alimentarius.