The Company
Colep is a global leader in the personal care, cosmetics, home care and health care segments. In Europe, although it holds the leading position in providing contract manufacturing services for those segments, the company also has a relevant activity in the manufacturing of metal and plastic packaging, in which it is the Iberian market leader of the general line segment, as well as one of the most important European players in the tinplate aerosol industry.

Since 2010, Colep is also the Brazilian market leader in contract manufacturing services for the personal care and home care industries, operating through the companies Provider, Total Pack and CPA.

In 2013, the company extended its activity to North America, through the acquisition of a personal care contract manufacturing plant in Querétaro, Mexico. At the same time, the company also extended its operations to the Middle East, through the establishment of a joint venture with the Albatha Group, a Sharjah based conglomerate, for the manufacture of aerosol based products.

Also in 2013 Colep has established a Strategic Alliance with the "One Asia Network", an association of Daizo Corporation of Japan, Pax Australia and Asian Aerosols, from India. This Alliance, named "ACOA - the Alliance of Colep and One Asia", which consists of sharing best practices, know-how and knowledge in Innovation, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, gives Colep the possibility to offer its customers a worldwide platform for the implementation of their projects as well as in the manufacturing of their products.

Colep is now directly established in three continents, with three plants in Brazil, one in Mexico, eight in Europe and one in the Middle East. Together with the "One Asia Network", the company is part of a global network which includes twenty manufacturing units in Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, the UAE, India, Japan, China, Thailand and Australia. This global footprint allows the company and its partners to support their respective customers on a global basis.