RAR - Sociedade de Controle (Holding), S.A

Established in 1981, RAR - Sociedade de Controle (Holding), S.A. controls all the RAR Group’s shareholdings.

Continuously challenging the potential of its subsidiary companies, RAR Holding’s main functions are to define the RAR Group’s strategies and general guidelines and manage its businesses’ portfolio and capital allocation, at the same time ensuring them the availability and support of specialised services.

In addition to the co-ordination of these central activities and the definition of the Group’s governance rules, RAR Holding also centralises interaction with the community. In terms of social responsibility, support has been provided through sponsorship and donations to various institutions, especially those dedicated to culture, education, research and innovation.

RAR is a founding member of the "Serralves Foundation" and the "Casa da Música Foundation" and has also participated in the creation of several other renowned institutions, such as "COTEC Portugal” (Business Association for Innovation) and “Portugal Foods”. RAR was also involved in the launch and development of the “ESB - Escola Superior de Biotecnologia” (Biotechnology School from Portuguese Católica University) and "Porto Business School", and is associated with the “Porto de Futuro”, “Junior Achievement” and “Teach for Portugal” projects.

RAR maintains active collaborations with the "Universidade de Coimbra" (Coimbra University), “University of Southampton”, the “FEUP” (University of Porto Engineering College), the “ISVOUGA - Instituto Superior de Entre o Douro e Vouga” and the “IBET” (Biotechnology Research).

“Defining the Group’s strategies and generic guidelines. It manages the businesses portfolio and capital allocation”