RAR Group expands operations to Mexico and Middle East

The RAR Group has stepped up its internationalisation strategy with the expansion of its operations in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. In 2013 it posted turnover of 968 million euros and operating profit of 20 million euros, an improvement of 15% on 2012. At the end of the year foreign markets accounted for over 65% of the Group’s total consolidated sales.

In a turbulent and challenging economic climate, the RAR Group expanded and resized its capacity and available resources, achieving the objective of substantially reducing debt, which decreased by over 21 million euros.

Performance of major Group companies
Colep was the Group company that contributed most to consolidated sales, posting a turnover of 496 million euros and maintaining its position as the European and Brazilian leader in the area of contract manufacturing of aerosol and non-aerosol product formulation and filling. The company improved its performance in terms of margins, with production of aerosols achieving a record volume. A filling unit was acquired in Mexico and a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates was concluded with Albatha Group to develop a business platform in that region. A strategic alliance was also established with the One Asia Network Group, major players in the Asian market, to offer innovative technical solutions on a global basis. Colep now has a network of 19 manufacturing plants in Europe, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, India, Australia, Thailand, China and Japan.

Vitacress, the company responsible for all the RAR Group’s operations in the fresh produce market, successfully overcame adverse weather conditions to achieve growth in both sales and EBITDA. In 2013 Vitacress posted a turnover of approximately 200 million euros.

RAR Açúcar was faced in 2013 with a market marked by major fluctuations, a situation reflected in terms of sales and prices, which were affected by oversupply and a sharp fall in sugar prices on the world market. Despite the difficult economic climate and heavy competition, the company saw a recovery compared with 2012 in terms of quantities sold and margins, posting a turnover of over 96 million euros.

Imperial, the largest Portuguese chocolate manufacturer, maintained its growth trend, posting its best results ever, including turnover above 25 million euros. Its product innovation and point of sale strategy and the fact that it is the owner of the leading Portuguese brands (Regina, Pantagruel and Pintarolas) were determining factors in Imperial’s consolidation of its leading positions in this market. Internationally, its brands are now distributed in over 45 countries.