Reflecting a capital reallocation policy RAR Group decides to sell Imperial

The RAR Group has sold its stake as sole shareholder in Imperial to the investment fund Vallis Sustainable Investments I. This operation is part of a process of appraisal and reallocation of the Group’s assets.

Imperial has always sparked market interest because of its importance and the recognition it has gained. The Vallis Sustainable Investments I fund made a bid for Imperial which the RAR Group decided to accept, after more than 40 years’ ownership of the company.

The excellence and commitment of Imperial’s management team and employees has always ensured a high level of performance and enabled the company to reinvent itself at key times, thanks to the constant attitude of innovation they have transmitted.

The RAR Group is convinced that the new shareholder regards the acquisition of Imperial with great aspirations, which will surely ensure the company continues its long history of success.

The completion of this sale transaction is pending the necessary approval by the Competition Authority.