RAR seen by Andreia Santana
RAR collection 2022

… as is almost always the case with the final results of the commissions for the project, "RAR seen by…", Andreia Santana presents a set of works that intelligently articulate not only her most recent working processes, but also incorporate specific features derived from her familiarity with the RAR Group’s corporate universe.

Her use of industrial items gains special resonance because these elements are formally close to her previous creations. In an assumed trial and error process, Andreia Santana associates the ancestral glass handling techniques of craftsmen from Marinha Grande to the use of items (“forks” used by Colep Packaging) that she reframes as contemporary ready-mades.

The haptic quality of these items - where incidents and events in the glass are transformed into myriad contingencies in terms of the incidence of light - contrasts with the rigidity of the sculpture, which is assumed as a perceptive curtain, capable of determining the surrounding space with apprehension. Here iron refers both to the entire vocabulary of the tradition of forging iron in our territory and to the contemporary forms of minimal sculpture.

Andreia Santana is a fearless artist: her cosmopolitan experience - including training, residencies and exhibitions in the U.S.A. and Europe. Past and present, art, craft and industry, painting and sculpture are concepts and practices that are inscribed in a non-hierarchical narrative, in this case formally arranged for the delight of sight and thought.

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