Francisco Queirós
RAR Collection 2012

The relationships that have been forged by the artists invited for the project "RAR seen by...", has varied substantially in relation to the universe presented to them. The impact of the confrontation with the history of RAR Group has been reflected in a very varied manner. In the case of photography, the response has been more direct and has revealed a neo-documentary tendency, whereas for other disciplines it has been more open to field of conceptual speculation and imagination.
Francisco Queirós works within the second field. Author of a key oeuvre within the context of recent Portuguese art, his videos and installations have delineated a territory in which humour and cruelty intersect in the destructuring of children's narratives or in the construction of strange universes, where visual seduction is imploded by meticulously manipulated deviations of meaning. (Marta Moreira de Almeida)

Reports and Accounts