André Sousa
RAR Collection 2018

For today’s painters, the constant reinvention of painting, both at a formal and conceptual level, is not only a heavy legacy, the freedom of "anything goes" also burdens them with a profound sense of responsibility. André Sousa is a post-historical flâneur. Using a rather abusive analogy, in terms of contemporary creativity, it is as if he were the result of the invention of the artist-drone. His perspective is not only that of a stroller who wanders through different paths, avenues, arcades, squares, parks and museums, but also of an entity which flies across space and time, exploring geographies and epochs that attract his interest. For the project "RAR seen by…"André Sousa wanders mentally between the frescoes of Pompeii and Diego Rivera's murals. (Miguel von Hafe Pérez)

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