Isabel Simões
RAR Collection 2019

… with that which is hereby announced and enunciated: Isabel Simões' painting is an exercise of unquestionable intelligence in relation to the density of the gaze. Looking, as a means of measuring thought and sensation. Once again: to see and feel.
In her response to the project “RAR seen by…”, the artist has focused on a heterodox dynamic of representational motifs, in which the macro merges with the micro, in tightly-framed shots, whereby the immensity hereby represented almost becomes abstract while, paradoxically, monumentalising the detailed close-ups. Here the density of a ploughed field or the near infinity of a sugar mountain become volatile and ethereal, while the details of raw materials or waste assume an abstract dimension.
The core reference is the constant dialogue between pictorial representation and its capacity to touch our senses, beyond the purely optical dimension. As if it were possible and necessary to weigh and measure things solely by contemplating the image. (Miguel von Hafe Pérez)

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