Dalila Gonçalves
RAR Collection 2016

Framing, choosing, decontextualizing, re-contextualizing, editing, composing, recycling, narrating, fragmenting, serializing; Dalila Gonçalves conjugates various verbs in her works, providing us with a plastic narrative anchored in documental aspects (the photographic series), fiction (the numismatic incursion) and composition (the sculptural series). Her gaze compels us to make an interpretation - in which a sense of strangeness coexists with a sense of deviant reality. This sense of strangeness results from a direct and almost inviolate appropriation of the reality of the industrial materials (remains) that she uses to create her sculptures. And the sense of deviant reality results from the micro-history within history, that reinvents itself through the images of coins and the manner in which the serial character of the photographs conjures up an almost abstraction of nature, constructed as an object of representation. (Miguel von Hafe Pérez)

Reports and Accounts