Miguel Palma
RAR Collection 2015

Miguel Palma’s response to the challenge of the “RAR seen by…” project is inevitably characterised by the kind of excess that underpins so much of his work: excited by the profusion of images suggested by the visits that he made to the factories and production sites of the RAR Group, he ended up by producing a considerable number of works that both conjure up literal uses of the items and devices found in these places, as well as allegorical visions of strange and playful modes of production that are diagrammatically indicative of desired sustainability indexes.
The numerous works that he produced were subsequently photographed by the photographer Rita Burmester, which enabled the artist to create the final product delivered to the RAR Group: a surprising and impressive artist’s book with drawings superimposed over the said photographs, thus conveying an accurate idea of the extent of the work produced in the meantime. (Miguel von Hafe Pérez)

Reports and Accounts